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It's a big news day. Lead stories keep jockeying back and forth. Everyone in the newsroom is choked with assignments.

But one thing never changes...No matter how frantic it gets you're not the only one going on air with a news show. The other stations are out there too.

Newsroom surveillance for the 90s!
Automatically monitors multiple
channels of closed captioning and
XDS (extended data services) text.


You need to know who's on what story...what's the angle...what do you know they don't...or vice versa! Somebody's got to be monitoring the competition. But who?

Relax. Even with all hands on deck, CCapture has you covered all the way.

And CCapture gets every closed caption word down. From every station!

It's hands-off.
It's easy.
It's sure.

It's CCapture.

Easy Plug-In PC Card -- CCapture is a powerful, full size PC/AT compatible card designed to emulate a DOS COM port, guaranteeing compatibility in virtually any newsroom environment.

Simple User Interface -- CCapture software provides minimum-keystroke-programmability. Quickly adds and deletes instructions for smooth, transparent operations 24 hours every day. Schedule any program monitoring in an instant.

Up to 4 Channels -- CCapture is available in many configurations from 1-4 simultaneous channels of closed captioning and/or XDS decoding. Each channel incorporates an on-board TV tuner, auxiliary baseband video input and closed caption decoder.

Conveniently Ready When You Are -- The automatically recovered data from all 4 channels can be stored either on a local hard disk, or ingested as an ANPA wire feed into a newsroom automation system.

Editing On CCapture -- When affiliate newsfeed stories are edited for your newscast, CCapture makes it easy to correct closed captioning text to reflect the revised story.

Going Beyond Closed Captioning -- CCapture will create transcripts from captioned affiliate newsfeeds, court proceedings and presidential speeches. When EDS is implemented, local high school sports scores, school closings, congressional voting records, all kinds of viewer interest points...can be saved. And CCapture clearly labels and time stamps each story.

The investigative reporter that never
leaves the newsroom...CCapture.

Brought to you by Teletronix Newster and Postech, Inc.

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