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Technical Description

CCapture provides an effortless method to simultaneously decode and record multiple channels of closed caption and EDS data transmitted on Field 1/Field 2 of Line 21. A simple user interface permits advance scheduling of unattended recordings on up to four broadcast or cable programs concurrently. Recorded data is stored on the local PC hard disk and/or sent in ANPA wire format to any newsroom automation system.

CCapture is a valuable tool for creating transcripts of competitive newscasts, court proceedings, presidential speeches, network affiliate newsfeeds, and any other captioned news programs of interest. CCapture is also useful for recording and posting your own programming to your station's World Wide Web site.


An easy-to-use Scheduler allows you to create and save time-of-day schedules for up to 400 programs per day. CCapture automatically starts and stops the recording of four channels at your command, 24-hours per day. Quickly add or delete scheduled items at a moment's notice. Instantly begin recording the captioning of breaking news stories. All data is clearly identified and automatically time-stamped. Archive and search recorded data for reference and background information.
(Available for Windows® 3.1, Windows® 95 and Windows NT®)


Modular, PC-compatible circuit board, includes 1-4 simultaneous channels of closed caption decoding. Designed to emulate a single DOS COM port, CCapture is guaranteed to be compatible in virtually any PC or newsroom environment. No special hardware is required. Each board includes its own splitter/amplifier, on-board TV tuners, and closed caption decoders for each channel. Standard configuration includes one RF video input and two baseband inputs for internally routed video. In addition, video and audio output monitoring is provided for ease of use and channel verification.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
  • IBM-compatible 386, running Windows® 3.1 with 4 MB RAM*
  • IBM-compatible 486, running Windows® 95 with 8 MB RAM*
  • Sufficient hard disk space for intended use
  • One full-sized slot in the PC

(*RAM requirements may vary, depending on individual use)


RF Input
Impedance: Single 75 ohm input, amplified and split on
board. Tuners support broadcast channels 2-69, plus cable
channels 1-125 of HRC, IRC, and STD cable bands
(55.25 MHz to 810.25 MHz)

Audio Monitor Output
A/C Impedance: 600 ohm
Output Level: 250mV (Line Level)

Baseband Video 2 Input
Standard 1 Volt p-p baseband video, 75 ohm termination

Baseband Video 1 Input
Standard 1 Volt p-p baseband video, 75 ohm termination

Video Monitor Output
Standard 1 Volt p-p baseband video, 75 ohm source

Serial Port
Output configured as DTE,
Signal Ground - Pin 5
Transmit Date - Pin 3

CCapture I/O Panel Description
I/O  Connector Provided  Requires
RF Input  3/8" Threaded Female "F" Connector  Male "F" Connector
Audio Monitor Out  3.5 mm Audio Jack (female)  3.5 mm Audio Plug (male)
Baseband Video 2  Silver RCA Phono Jack (female)  RCA Phono Plug (male)
Baseband Video 1  Silver RCA Phono Jack (female)  RCA Phono Plug (male)
Video Monitor Out  Gold RCA Phono Jack (female)  RCA Phono Plug (male)
Serial Port  Male DB-9 (DTE)  Female DB-9

  • 1, 2 and 3 channel configurations
  • Four channels of audio/video output
  • Additional RF inputs for multiple cable bands
  • Additional baseband video inputs for satellite/VCR feeds

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